Get the best no deposit casino bonuses

If you have chosen to sign up at an online casino, you will often be offered some kind of bonus just for signing up. A no deposit casino (which doesn’t require you to put money down to join) offers even more. At we list the best available no deposit bonuses on the market, so that you can get a chance to play casino games for free with the chance of winning big. You can pick out a promotion in our list below and start playing straight away, or keep reading in order to find out more about the various types of bonuses available at casinos these days.

Casino SiteNo Deposit Deposit BonusUK LicensePlay Now
£5 free200% up to £50YesPlay Now!
20 free spins200% up to £50YesPlay Now!
50 free spins200% up to £50YesPlay Now!
10 free spins100% up to £100YesPlay Now!
10 free spins999 free spinsYesPlay Now!

The following general types of bonuses are referred to by a number of euphemisms, but they usually function more or less the same.

New Member Bonus

This form of bonus is particularly widespread given that new potential members evaluate casinos partially on what they give you for signing up. New member or welcome bonuses typically offer one of a few things, free spins (usually no deposit free spins), a matching of funds you’ve deposited up to a certain point (typically a 1:1 matchup), and/or free cash. Match rates can vary wildly, going as low as 50% or as high as 500%, but bear in mind that higher rates generally carry a lot more restrictions as to how they can be used, especially if it is being offered by a no deposit casino.

No Deposit Bonuscashing

A no deposit bonus doesn’t refer to a specific form of bonus; so much as it does a sub-type of offer. Putting it simply, any bonus can be made into a no deposit bonus – the lack of a required deposit is purely intended to make it more attractive to prospective new members.

Be wary of no deposit casinos offering something like “free spins no deposit required”, “no deposit bingo”, “no deposit free spins”, and the like – these kinds of bonuses (and indeed, no deposit bonuses in general) often come attached with all sorts of restrictions as to how they can be used – otherwise, nothing would stop a person from signing up, using their freebies, then never returning. High wagering requirements and cashout limits are popular stipulations attached to no deposit bonuses, which will force the player to use their own funds to unlock winnings garnered from no deposit bonuses. Low-margin games like blackjack may also be entirely restricted for use with no deposit bonuses. Always use established casino portals when looking for these types of bonuses, to ensure you get fair requirements and terms with your offers.

Monthly/Deposit Bonus

Sometimes referred to as a reload or loyalty bonuses, these bonuses are designed to encourage players to continue gambling at a particular casino. Some offer a 100% match on your first deposited £100 of every month (Mr Smith Casino is known for this). Others tie regular bonuses to your level of activity, offering a rather insidious encouragement to keep spending more money.

Payment Method Bonus

This type of bonus is not as common as some of the others mentioned, but some casinos will give you gifts for using certain online banking providers (usually some e-wallet service), typically because the casino in question has some sort of partnership with that service. If you can find a casino that does this, it may behoove you to sign up for the service.

VIP/High Roller Casino Bonuses

For wealthy patrons who spend lots of money each month, casinos will roll out the red carpet for these people. Quotidian bonuses like 100% matches or free spins won’t cut it for this crowd. Also known as a high roller bonus, casinos will offer perks like free sporting tickets and no-strings-attached free cash/spins to these people to encourage them to stay.

Online Poker Bonuses

There are plenty of casino bonuses around today, but if you fancy trying your chances at the popular game of poker, we can suggest that you visit There you’ll find the latest poker bonuses that are available on the market. Poker is a game that is closely related to casino games, but here there’s an element of skill involved, which makes it more interesting. Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up when you gamble online, so if you haven’t tried poker yet, we can highly recommend it!